Funworkz respects and protects the privacy of the visitors of its website. Our website is built in such a way you can visit us without leaving, personal information. All information we receive from and about you through an information request will be used for communication purposes only between Funworkz and that particular person. This information is needed for our support co-workers to identify you when you contact us for information or relief/support.

Funworkz shall not release nor use any personal data, names or domain names for other purposes than to communicate with the visitors Funworkz. An exeption will be made as soon as we notice there is a violation of law, discriminating acts, or acts that are not according to the rules established by Funworkz.

Funworkz respects the privacy of this personal information and has built in enough safety measures to protect this information.

When registering for an event organised by Funworkz, you agree in being filmed or photographed. Funworkz holds the right to use this material at their discretion on their website or for promotion purposes. This material shall not be sold nor lent to third parties, but shall remain property of Funworkz.

As a consequence of the law on privacy from December 8th 1992, everybody has the right to change or withdraw personal information (or pictures) that is related to his own person or/and his/her minor children. To do so one needs to write a letter addressed to Funworkz, Spreeuwestraat 24, 3150 Haacht.

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